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Regarding all Phenomena from above aloof Equanimity:

When one has understood constructions by seeing the three characteristics in them
and their voidness, then one can leave both terror & delight by becoming indifferent
and neutral to all states, taking them neither to be 'I', 'Me', nor 'mine'!
One becomes like a man who has recently divorced his wife: The man who was married
to a lovely, gorgeous, & charming wife and so deeply in love with her as to be unable to
bear separation from her for a single moment. He would be disturbed & displeased to
see her standing, talking & laughing with another man, and would be very unhappy and
jealous, but later, when he found out that woman's faults, and he had divorced her,
he would no more regard her as 'mine'; and thereafter, even though he saw her doing
whatever it might be, with whomsoever it might be, he would neither be disturbed, nor
displeased, but only remain, neutral, detached, aloof and indifferent!
So too with the meditating disciple, who wants to get free from all phenomena:
He recognizes all constructions as impermanent, and void of pleasure and self,
thus seeing that nothing in reality is 'I', 'Me', or 'mine'.  He therefore is released from
both terror and delight, and becomes indifferent, and neutral towards all phenomena...
Visuddhimagga 656

Divorced from Possessiveness, Egoism, Clinging and Frustration!

Equanimity describes the unattached aloof awareness of one's experience as a result
of perceiving the impermanence of all momentary reality. It is a subtle peace of mind
and dwelling in even calmness, that cannot be shaken by any grade of both fortunate
and unfortunate circumstances. It is a concept & quality promoted by several religions.


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