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How is the gradual refinement of the 5 mental abilities?

There are these 5 mental Abilities:
The ability of faith,
The ability of energy,
The ability of awareness,
The ability of concentration,
The ability of understanding!

What are the six aspects of these abilities?
They are dominant.
They are initiating.
They make quality.
They are stabilizing.
They are completing.
They are the foundation.

How are the abilities to be understood in the sense of being dominant?
When one leaves behind skeptic doubt, the faith ability is found in one as being dominated
by definitive decision. This faith ability dominated by resolute determination to decision,
then facilitates exertion, presence, non-distraction and seeing.

When one leaves behind laziness, the energy ability is found in one as being dominated
by exertion of effort. This energy ability dominated by exerting effort, then facilitates
presence, non-distraction, seeing and decisiveness.

When one leaves behind negligence, the awareness ability is found in one as being dominated
by presence. This awareness ability dominated by presence, firmly founded, then facilitates
non-distraction, seeing, decisiveness and exertion.

When one leaves behind agitation, the concentration ability is found in one as being dominated
by non-distraction. This concentration ability dominated by non-distraction, calm, then facilitates
seeing, decisiveness, exertion and presence.

When one leaves behind ignorance, the understanding ability is found in one as being dominated
by seeing. This understanding ability dominated by seeing, penetrative and clear, then facilitates
decisiveness, exertion, presence and non-distraction.

This is how the abilities are to be found and understood as through dominance!

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Source: Sariputta in: The Path of Discrimination: Patidasambhidamagga

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