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Faith has 2 main Components: Devotion and Conviction!

The two components of
Faith (saddhā):
1: An affective emotional component pouring from the heart as devotion: One Trusts!
2: A cognitive component residing in the intellect as a fixed assurance. One is Convinced!

Initiation, Evolution, Maturation, and Culmination of Faith:
Both are necessary for initiating spiritual praxis, and mental training via meditation.
Both are, by the effects of this praxis, and training later replaced, and thus reinforced,
by direct own personal experience: One then Knows!
The Faith has thus gradually evolved and grown strong into first Confidence and later,
when validated and verified into confirmed conviction! This ability of faith initiates as
seed: the ability of energy, which repeatedly trains the ability of awareness, which then
purifies the ability of concentration, which then enables the  ability of understanding
to penetrate into real progress... When unshakable these 5 abilities have become powers!

Replacement and Reinforcement by Direct Experience:
The confident Noble Disciple having repeatedly trained so, having repeatedly been aware so,
having repeatedly worked on concentration so, and having repeatedly understood so, by that
therefore becomes fully confident in those states, which were previously only heard of or
known from reading: "Now I dwell having directly experienced them with my own body and having
fully penetrated them by understanding: I see them through and through!" Samyutta Nikāya V:226

The Fruit of Faith: Entering the Stream to Awakening!
Hereafter is Faith never more needed as skeptical doubt have been irreversibly eradicated.
One has thus Entered the Stream leading to Awakening with Enlightenment as assured destination
within a maximum of 7 lives: And yet another Noble has been born by emerging out of the egg of Faith!
The shell of Ignorance has been broken... And yet another new Learner is going the few final rounds...
Smiling since he is smelling the released peace of bliss... The Battle with Mara has begun. Yeah! 

For fine further Faith (Saddhā)  please see:

Dual is Faith!

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