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20 Kinds of False "Self"-Projection:

What are the 20 invalid Theories of an only apparently existing "Ego-self"?
1:  My "self" is identical with my Body: This physical matter is my "Ego".
2:  My "self" has a Body, this physical matter is owned by my "Ego".
3:  My "self" is hidden somewhere inside & included within this Body frame.
4:  This Body form is hidden inside and included within a pervading "Ego".

5:  My "self" is identical with my Feelings: Pain, pleasure & neutral feeling is my "Ego".
6:  My "self" has Feelings, these sensations are owned by my very own "Ego".
7:  My "self" is hidden inside among these Feelings, included within these emotions.
8:  These Feelings are hidden inside and included within my all-pervading "Ego-self".

9:   My "self" is identical with my Perceptions: These experiences are my "Ego".
10: My "self" has Perceptions: These experiences are owned by my very own "Ego".
11:  My "self" is hidden inside these Perceptions, included among all these experiences.
12: These Experiences are hidden inside & included inherently within my "Ego-self".

13:  My "self" is identical with my Mental Constructions: Ideas & intentions are my "Ego".
14:  My "self" possesses mental Constructions: These activities are owned by my "Ego".
15:  My "self" is hidden inside among these mental Constructions, included as a core.
16:  These Cogitations are hidden inside & included inherently within my "ego-self".

17:  My "self" is identical with my Consciousness: This bare awareness is my "Ego".
18:  My "self" has a Consciousness: This naked awareness is owned by my "Ego".
19:  My "self" is hidden inside this Consciousness, included in all aware moments.
20:  This Consciousness is hidden inside & included inherently within my "self".

The imagined EGO tragicomically imprisons itself in overblown pride and ego-centrism!
Even without noticing it, since it is so blindly fallen in love with this non-existent Myself!
Enveloped in Egotism this Ego then systematically destroys itself by egoistic behaviour!
The very conception of an 'Ego' is thus a catastrophic form of mental auto-cannibalism,
which beings repeat life after life, resulting in immense pain for themselves & all others...
This "My Ego" idea is therefore a both Frantic and Cruel obsessive "self"-deception!  

Why are these 20 common assumptions invalid, erroneous, wrong and false?
Because any concept of a "Self" inherently implies 3 crucial criteria:
1 Sameness: It is something constant over time: An "identical same self"...
2 Control: That it is "self"-controllable: i.e. fully independent and autonomic...
3 Pleasant: That it is pleasant, since if self was not pleasant, & the "Self" really
was in full power, then it would instantly make whatever is self, become pleasant!

However, neither body, feeling, perception, mental construction, nor consciousness
is constant and the same, even for a moment... Therefore they cannot possibly ever
qualify as a "same self", nor be identical with any stable and definable identity...!
Neither is body, feeling, perception, mental construction, nor consciousness fully
controllable...  Neither can they thus ever meet the control requirements of a self!
Neither is body, feeling, perception, mental construction, nor consciousness always
pleasant... They can therefore never contain or coincide with any autonomic self!

Could the assumed '"self"' be a combination of any of 1-20?   Not so!    Why not?
If "self" is not found within any of 1-20, it cannot ever be a collection of them!

The 4 Mechanisms of unseen, assumed, and associative Ego-projection:
1+5+9+13+17 are examples of illusory identification with mere passing states...
2+6+10+14+18 are examples of fictitious immanence and invented ownership...
3+7+11+15+19 are examples of imagined inclusion in something becoming otherwise...
4+8+12+16+20 are examples of phony possessing as an invisible acquisition...

This doctrine of selflessness, Anatta, No-self, Not-Anyone-Anything-Anywhere is
particular to the Buddhas. No other is able to discover, comprehend, nor teach this!

More on this subtle, counterintuitive, profound, baffling, yet liberating Selflessness:

The Blessed Buddha once radically pointed out:
"All phenomena is void of a "self" or of what belongs to any "self"!
Within this frame is therefore nothing belonging to anyone, anywhere,
nor is there anything owned by this frame in anyone, anywhere or elsewhere..."

Like a Scarecrow empty of self, soul, ownership & ego...

The best way to comprehend No-Self (anatta) is to begin with observing
and reflecting on Impermanence (anicca) and Suffering (dukkha).
Then eventually one comes to understand: Whatever is always otherwise
and never the same, never identical cannot ever be an identity, a self...
Whatever is always ultimately suffering cannot be under the control of a self,
since if it were, then this self would by this control change it into something
pleasant and happy. But no self can do that, since it is not in full control.
If a self is not in control of even itself (fully autonomic) it cannot be a true self,
but just conditions that plays out their cause and effects...

On clinging to "personality" view (Sakkaya Ditthi)  and selflessness (Anatta):

A Void Empty of anything REAL is the EGO...

Source: The Moderate Speeches of  the Buddha.
Majjhima Nikāya 106 [ii 106] The Way to the Imperturbable.

Illusory I-dentification = Inner Ego-Prison...

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