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Some Fabulously Fine Facts:

Only he is bright, who shines by himself!
What is good, is really ... Good!
What is excellent, is really ... Excellent!
What is perfect, is really ... absolutely Perfect!
A rose is a rose is a rose. ;-) And just so is that :-)

Canal makers direct the water.
Arrow makers straighten the shafts.
Carpenters plane the planks of wood.
The Clever Nobles train their Mind...
Dhammapada 80

Those who meditate regularly;
Those who endure enthusiastically;
Those who exert much right effort;
These wise ones attain Nibbāna:
The supreme Peace, the sublime Bliss.
Dhammapada 23

Health is the greatest gain!
Contentment is the finest treasure!
Certainty is the foremost helper!
Nibbāna is the highest Happiness...
Dhammapada 204

Fabulously Fine Facts!

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