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What Stops all Sadness & Frustration?

Where does all mental melancholy and blue depression cease without a trace?
When, with the fading away & stilling of all directed thought & any sustained
thinking, one enters and remains in the second jhāna absorption of assured
unification of mind, merged with pleasure and joy, born of this well anchored
& fixed concentration: It is right there that all mental frustration & sadness
cease without a trace remaining...
Therefore do beings reborn at the radiant deva level, never feel any mental
sorrow, misery or sadness, since they are continuously absorbed in this subtle
2nd jhāna concentration... Thus they move their body of beaming light joyously
around at the speed of a thought! They are literally feeding on this pure Joy!
Continuously enveloped in enraptured and exalted ecstatic bliss!

On how to attain the Jhāna  absorptions:


The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book V 213-4
The Abilities section 48. Thread on The Irregular Order: Uppatika 40

How2Stop the Moody-Blue Melancholy?

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