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Energy (Viriya)  is a Link to Awakening!

The Energy Link to Awakening (Viriya-sambojjhanga) is basically the same
mental property (viriya-cetasika), as that which delivers the effort of all
thought, speech and action, and which also is inherently included in the:
The Energy Feet of Force (viriyiddhipāda)
The Ability of Energy (viriyindriya)
The Power of Energy (viriyabala)
The Right Effort Path Factor (sammā-vāyāma-magganga)
When trained, developed and aroused energy is capable of enlightenment!

The Buddha once said: What mental fermentations (āsava) should be
overcome by development? If a Bhikkhu by careful and rational attention
develops the Energy Link to Awakening while based on seclusion, disillusion,
ceasing, and finally culminating in relinquishment, then neither can any mental
fermentation, nor any fever, nor any discontent ever arise in him. MN2 [i 11]

In any one who examines, finds out why, and comes to assured comprehension,
in him his energy link to awakening becomes aroused. He develops it, and for him
it gradually goes to the culmination of its development. MN118 [iii 85]

The ability of energy is to initiate, launch into action and to fully complete any
undertaking using persistent and tenacious endurance. When this ability becomes
unshakable and unfailing, it then becomes the mighty
Power of Energy!

The function of energy is this four-fold Right Effort of:
1: Eradicating any evil and disadvantageous state that has arisen in the mind.
2: Preventing the arising of any yet unarisen disadvantageous mental state.
3: Initiating and developing any yet unarisen advantageous mental state.
4: Increasing, refining and completing any already arisen advantageous state.
The characteristic of energy is readiness, willingness, enthusiastic ease,
eager and keen vigour. The manifestation of energy is action, exertion,
endeavour, industry, struggle, powerful striving, and accomplishment!

The one, who does not rise, when it is time to rise.
Who though young and strong, is weak in mind,
soft in will, and lazy by nature, such slow one
does never find the way to Nibbāna.
Dhammapada 280

Get up! Sit up!
Of what use are your dreams?
How can you sleep, when sick,
stabbed by the arrow of craving...
Sutta Nipāta 331

Get up! Sit up!
Push on your training, until reaching sole peace!
Do not let the king of death see you sloppy and
thus delude, and dominate you like a toy doll...
Sutta Nipāta 332

Feeding the Energy:
And what, friends, is feeding the Energy Link to Enlightenment, that has not
yet arisen, and food too for boosting of any already present Energy?
That is noticing and considering:
1: The element of mental initiative,
2: The element of actually launching into action,
3: The element of tenaciously enduring persistence.
Systematic attention to these 3 aspects, is feeding any yet unarisen Energy
Link to Awakening, and food too for boosting any already present enthusiasm.
Samyutta Nikāya XLVI 51 Bojjhanga-samyutta

Fivefold final Energy:
Following the Buddha the energy in the disciple culminates, when he finally thinks:
"Let just this blood and flesh dry up and wither away so only skin, sinews and bones
remain sitting, I will not give up my quest and stray from this Noble 8-fold Path
before having reached complete Enlightenment..."

For a full Study on Energy (Viriya): The root Hero of all Success:

Enthusiastic Energy is the Chief Root Hero!

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