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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


Expectation is bound to give Disappointment!

Whenever and wherever there is expectation, there is also hoping and longing!
Whenever and wherever there is hoping and longing, there is also craving...
Whenever and wherever there is craving, there is also suffering!
This is the 2nd Noble Truth: Craving causes suffering...
Whenever and wherever there is neither expectation, nor hoping, nor longing,
nor any form of craving present, how can there ever be any suffering?
This is the 3rd Noble Truth: Absence of craving ends all suffering...

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Discontent Disappointment is NOT caused by the outside world!
'Loving' and 'liking' mixed with expectation => passion => suffering!
'Loving' and 'liking' without expectation = friendliness => elevation!
These 2 forms of “love” lookalike, but are VERY different in outcome!
Expectation is an often subconscious diluted derivative of greed, which
nevertheless retains the ability to ruin any relationship and any life by
inducing the mischievous and treacherous mental state called discontent!
This discontent is NOT caused by the external object as often believed,
but by the very 'own' internal hidden prejudgement inherent in expectation!

About Expectation:
Always Different

Awareness of Emerging Expectation Helps:
If one notices expectation right when it arises, and also when it persists,
this enables reflecting: "Now future suffering is created and maintained!"!
This in itself gradually will reduce this diluted derivative of painful craving.

On this poisonous Craving
(Tanhā) see:
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The Sandcastle of Expectation...

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