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Special Experiences might cure Disease instantly..

Once when Venerable Girimananda was sick, the Buddha said to Ven. Ānanda.
What is the experience of acute Awareness by in-&-out Breathing?
It is when a Bhikkhu, who have gone to the forest, or to the root of a tree,
or to an empty hut, sits down cross-legged, having straightened his body and
back, and set up awareness around the nostrils, then just plainly aware of only
breathing in itself, he breathes in, and then just solely aware of only that
breathing in itself, he then breathes out...
1: Breathing in-&-out long, he knows, notes, and understands: I in-&-exhale long..
2: Breathing in short, he knows, notes, and understands: I in-&-exhale short..
3: He trains thus: Experiencing this entire body, I will breathe in-&-out..
4: He trains thus: Calming all bodily activity, I will breathe in-&-out..
5: He trains thus: Experiencing an enraptured joy, I will breathe in-&-out..
6: He trains thus: Experiencing a happy pleasure, I will breathe in-&-out..
7: He trains thus: Experiencing all mental activity, I will breathe in-&-out..
8: He trains thus: Calming all mental activity, I will breathe in-&-out..
9: He trains thus: Experiencing the present mood, I will breathe in-&-out..
10: He trains thus: Elating and gladdening the mind, I will breathe in-&-out..
11: He trains thus:
Focusing and concentrating the mind, I will breathe in-&-out..
12: He trains thus: Releasing and liberating the mind, I will breathe in-&-out..
13: He trains thus: Considering impermanence, I will breathe in-&-out..
14: He trains thus: Considering disillusion, I will breathe in-&-out..
15: He trains thus: Considering ceasing, I will breathe in-&-out..
16: He trains thus: Considering relinquishment, I will breathe in-&-out..
Having learnt and memorized these 16 simple steps from the Blessed One,
the Venerable Ānanda went to the Venerable Girimananda and recited these 16
steps to him. Then as soon as Venerable Girimananda heard these 16 simple steps
and the ten experiences his illness instantly subsided, and he rose from his bed..
This was thus the way Venerable Girimananda was cured from his sickness....

Video on detailed explanation of Ānāpānasati breathing meditation:

Ānāpānasati breathing meditation guided and explained:
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 The 10 Experiences are:
 1: The experience of Impermanence, and Transience (Anicca-Saññā).
 2: The experience of No-Self, and Egoless Impersonality (Anatta-Saññā).
 3: The experience of Loathsome Foulness, and Disgust (Asubha-Saññā).
 4: The experience of Danger, Damage, and Disadvantage (Ādīnava-Saññā).
 5: The experience of Leaving Behind, Overcoming; Giving up (Pahāna-Saññā).
 6: The experience of Disillusion, Dispassion, and Detachment (Virāga-Saññā).
 7: The experience of Ceasing, Stilling, and Final Finishing (
 8: The experience of Disgust with the Whole World (Sabbaloka-Anabhirati-Saññā).
 9: The experience of the Decay of all Formations (
Sabbasankhāresu Anicca-Saññā)
 10: The experience of Awareness by in-and-out Breathing (Ānāpānasati-Saññā)


Ven. Webu Sayadaw was an expert, and promoter of Ānāpāna-Sati meditation.

Awareness by Breathing (Ānāpāna-sati):  Ānāpānasati text and commentary
Awareness_by_Breathing, Breathing_Calm_and_Insight, The_LAMP_I,
The_LAMP_II, The_LAMP_III, The_LAMP_IV, Experiencing_the_Breath,
1_Producing_4, Four_Fulfilling_Seven,
Unique_Thing_Awareness_by_Breathing, Magnificent_Meditation.

Canonical Source (edited extract):
The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:60, V 108ff.

Experiencing the Breath..

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