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Equanimity gives delicate Peace & Happiness!

Equanimity (Upekkhā) entails a composed equipoise of solid mental balance..
It is Tatra-majjhattatā  = keeping to the moderate middle of all phenomena.
Equanimity balances consciousness, so it prevents both all excessiveness and
any deficiency.  Neither too much, nor too little of anything. In equanimity mind
is neither attracted by any attractive things, nor repelled by any repulsive things.
The cause of equanimity is seeing the law of kamma:
All beings are born and created
by their kamma (= past actions). They are formed, conditioned and restricted by
their kamma. They are
owners of their kamma, debtors to their kamma, and they
inherit their kamma. Whatever they do, whether good or bad, the later effects
of that will be theirs only.. This accumulation follows them like a shadow of the
past that never leaves!
The serene, yet superb effect of Equanimity is threefold:
Exquisite, relaxed and subtle peace felt as calm happiness is instantly gained..
Equanimity purifies and completes all the crucial core 7 Links to Awakening...
Equanimity is the proximate cause of knowledge and vision (nānadassana)!

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Exquisite is Equanimity..

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