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Few are those who can Avoid all Evil Action!

The Blessed Gotama Buddha once explained:
Bhikkhus & friends, see this little dust, I have taken up upon the nail of
my little-finger, what do you think is most: This tiny dust or this great
planet Earth? The Bhikkhus then responded:
Venerable Sir, this great planet Earth is much more, incomparable more...
The minute speck of dust is trifling, microscopic, negligible in comparison.
The Blessed Gotama Buddha then succinctly and importantly pointed out:
Similarly and exactly so too, Bhikkhus & friends, those beings are few and
quite rare, who are reborn among humans or devas! Beings who are reborn
elsewhere, lower, as non-humans, in the screaming hell, as scared animals,
as hungry ghosts, or as angry demons are much more numerous and common...
Why is it so? Because:
Few are those beings who avoid destruction of life, who avoid all killing...
Few are those beings who avoid mutilating, murder, robbery, and violence...
Few are those beings who avoid taking what is not given by not stealing...
Few are those beings who avoid using false weights, cheating with papers...
Few are those beings who avoid being crooked by bribery, deceit, & fraud...
Few are those beings who avoid sexual misconduct and all forms of abuse...
Few are those beings who avoid booze & drugs, which makes careless & negligent...
Few are those beings who avoid
 lying, falsehood, pretending and double-dealing...
Few are those beings who avoid divisive speech, slandering and defamation...
Few are those beings who avoid harsh and aggressive scolding and blaming...
Few are those beings who avoid idle chatter, gossiping, and empty hear-say...
Few are those beings who avoid damaging the nature, seeds and plant life...

Few are those beings who respect father, mother, elders, and recluses...
Few are those beings who possess the Noble Eye of Dhamma-Understanding!

But those beings
, who are immersed in ignorance, are much more numerous!
Why is it so? Because, Bhikkhus, they have not yet seen the
4 Noble Truths!
What four?
This is Suffering; Craving is the Cause of all this Suffering;
No Craving is the End of Suffering; The Noble 8-fold Way Ends all Suffering!
Therefore, Bhikkhus & friends, exertion should be made Now to understand:
All This is Suffering; This Greedy Craving is the sole Cause of all Suffering;
No Craving is the End of Suffering; This Noble 8-fold Way Ends all Suffering,
Therefore should serious effort to fathom these 4 Noble Truths be made now!

On Kamma (In Sanskrit=Karma=intentional action) and it's result (vipāka)


Further Literature on the efficacy of Kamma = Karma:

Karma and Rebirth, by Nyanatiloka (WHEEL 9);

Survival & Karma in Buddhist Perspective, by K.N. Jayatilleke (WHEEL 141/143);

Kamma and its Fruit (WHEEL 221/224).

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:467-70]
section 56: Saccasamyutta. Thread 63-78: Killing living beings & etc...

Few are Fine!

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