First I dentification then Enmity »


Silly Confrontational Opposition:

"I"-dentification = Egoism leads to Conflict:         
I am ...
green, while you are... blue...
Therefore I am against you!
you are against me...
Therefore I fear you!
Therefore I hate you!

Non-I-dentification = selflessness leads to Harmony:
This is Green, while that is Blue ...
it is! So be it! Let it be! Let it go!...
Polarity is Pain and Diversity is Noise...
Unity is Peace and Harmony is Bliss...
As we both and all can, so let us meditate!
Dwelling in kind peace is a sweet silent ease.

Please repeat the argument exchanging the Green/Blue pair with these:
Black/White, Rich/Poor, Educated/Uneducated, High/Low,
Man/Woman, Young/Old, Intelligent/Stupid, Beautiful/Ugly,
Strong/Weak, Eastern/Western, North/Southern, Race-X/Race-Y,
Religion-X/Religion-Y, Culture-X/Culture-Y, etc...
Skin-X/Skin-Y Nationality-X/Nationality-Y, etc...
Political-X/Political-Y, Color-X/Color-Y, etc...
Family-X/Family-Y, Group-X/Group-Y etc....!
Opposition is a diluted derivative of Hate!
Hate produces only suffering!
Foolish & absurd self-torture...

More on Narcissism, Egoism, and Personality View (Sakkāya Ditthi):

Sweet Selfless Ease!

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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