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Drop of Dhamma Delight!


Which are the 5 Abilities Leading to Awakening?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, there are these five mental abilities (indriya). What five?

The ability of Faith (saddhā)
The ability of Energy (viriya)
The ability of Awareness (sati)
The ability of Concentration (samādhi)
The ability of Understanding (pañña)

These are explained in detail here:

The Five Mental Abilities (indriya) in general:

1: Faith (saddhā): The Initiating Key!

2: Energy (viriya): The Motor & Fuel!

3: Awareness (sati): The Light to See with!

4: Concentration (samādhi): The Focus to Drill & Catch with!āna_Absorption.htm

5: Understanding (pañña): The Resultant Aloof State!

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