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Buddha explained 5 Rebirth Destinations!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Sariputta, there are these five destinations. What are the five?
Hell, the animal realm, the realm of ghosts, human beings, and gods...
I fully understand hell, the animal, ghost, human, and the divine realm,
and the various paths and ways leading to these realms of existence...
I also understand, know and directly see how any one who has entered
a path to hell, on the breakup of the body, right at death, will reappear
in a state of deprivation, in a painful destination, in purgatory, in hell...
Similarly do I understand, know and see directly how any one, who has
entered such path on the breakup of the body, right after death, will
reappear as an animal, a ghost, a human or a divine being...
I understand Nibbāna, the path and very way leading to this Nibbāna...
And I also understand & see directly how one who has entered this path
realising it himself by direct experience, will right there and then enter
and dwell in that release of mind & that release by understanding, which
is fermentation-free after the elimination of the mental fermentations!

Source (edited extract:
The Middle Length Sayings of the Buddha. Majjhima Nikāya. MN 12.
i 73-4:The great lions roar:

Comments: Ancient Manual on these 5 destinations:

Pañcagatidīpanī. Translated by Ann Appleby Hazlewood.
In Journal of the Pāli Text Society. Vol. XI 1987:



Seeing beings die and reappear is an ability of the Divine Eye, which is
an ability connected with gaining suprahuman force & with Awakening:


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The Five Rebirth Destinations!

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