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Awareness of Mind just as Moods & Mentality!

The Blessed Buddha said regarding Contemplation of Mind:
How, Bhikkhus & Friends, does one reflect on Mind just as Moods?
One simply notices when the mind is greedy or not greedy, angry or not angry,
confused or assured, cramped or scattered, exalted or plain, surpassable or
unsurpassable, concentrated or distracted, and released or not yet released!
One lives thus while internally observing one's own mind, or externally the
mind of others, or the minds of both. One notices how any new mood arises,
and how it passes away. One is fully aware: Mind is now in this or that mood!
This is enough for mindful & clear comprehension of the actual mental state.
Caused by this mindful mental presence and acute ultra clear comprehension
of the flow of momentary mental states, one comes to live independent, free,
unattached, not clinging to any mood or anything in this world whatsoever....
Thus does one dwell and live immersed in contemplation of the mind as mood!

What is the Fuel on which any momentary state of Mind burns?
The proximate causes for the arising of any conscious mental state are:
Presence of 1: Ignorance, 2: Craving, 3: Kamma, and 4: Name-&-Form..
The proximate causes for ceasing of any mood and mentality are therefore:
Absence of the same: Ignorance, Craving, Kamma, and Name-&-Form..

Prerequisite understanding:

More on this Moody Mind:

Source Text: Majjhima Nikāya 10: Satipatthana Sutta:

Mind is Momentary Moods!

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