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Seeing the Disgusting Aspects of Food disables Craving!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
The experience of loathsome disgust with all food, Bhikkhus & friends,
developed and frequently repeated, brings a high reward and blessing,
and has the Deathless Dimension as its basis & the very nearby goal.
Whoever, Bhikkhus & friends, often trains perceiving disgust with food,
his mind shrinks and turns away from voracious greed, he is neither
attracted, captivated or tempted, but feels only equanimity or disgust!
Just as, Bhikkhus and friends, a cock's feather or a piece of bowstring,
thrown into the fire, shrinks up, twists, rolls itself up, does not stretch
out again: just so in one who often entertains the experience of disgust
in all food, the mind shrinks back from greediness, turns away from it,
is repulsed by food, is not attracted; and equanimity or disgust arises!

Source: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 7:46

The experience of Disgust in Food includes:
Seeing it brings the danger and tribulation of having a fragile and sore body.
Seeing what it becomes like when chewed and sunk: Like dogs vomit!
Seeing that getting it daily costs one much pain of seeking, working & cleaning.
Seeing that it is turned into secretions such as bile, pus, blood, snot, slime & spit.
Seeing that it undigested stays as vomit in the foul cavity of the stomach.
Seeing that it when digested is turned into diarrheic brown fluid in the intestines.
Seeing that it causes a lifelong excretion of stinking & messy excrement and urine.
Seeing the ugly side effects of obesity, diabetes, cardiac failure and hypertension.

Source: Path of Purification: Visuddhimagga XI 5th century AC.

560 Kg Mexican Male.

More on disabling this insatiable craving, urge, & greed for food:

Most individuals depicted above weighs over half a Ton!

The Disgust of Food!

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