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Sweet, Solitary, and Serene is Forest Bliss :-)

The forest Bhikkhu pays much attention to the experience of the forest. He thereby enters the even
deeper, yet unattained depths of concentration. By living thus remote, he is not distracted by any flimsy
unsuitable phenomena. He is free from all anxiety, & stress. He thus abandons attachment to life itself!
He enjoys a taste of this bliss of seclusion, and that silenced mental peace. He lives secluded and apart.
Silent and remote abodes delight his heart. The hermit that in the woods can dwell alone, may gain this
sweet serene joy as well, which sublime taste is beyond the royal bliss even in any divine paradise...
So does the forest delight any wise man stilled by this subtle ease of his fine forest dwelling..
Sources: MN 121, AN III 343, Vism I 73

The one who sits and lives solitary, and walks alone finds great delight in the silence of the forest...
Dhammapada story 305

The One wearing only 3 robes, who is thin with veins exposed, who meditates alone in the forest,
such one is a Holy One... Dhammapada story 395

Forest Bliss...

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