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Friendly Goodwill is the 9th Mental Perfection:

Friendliness means Care, Support, Concern, Goodwill, Kindness, & Sympathy.
Friendliness means Symbiosis, Mutual Aid, Assistance, and keen Compassion.
Friendliness means Cooperation, Helpfulness, Benevolence, Mutual Advantage!

Only friendliness can completely evaporate the poison of anger and hot hate!
Its chara
cteristic is to promote the welfare of others, its function is to do
only good, and its manifestation is kindness, sympathy, and calm gentleness...
The proximate cause of friendliness is seeing the good aspects of things.
The proximate cause of understanding compassion is this very friendliness.

The Blessed Buddha said about friendliness (Mettā):
"Bhikkhus, whatever kinds of worldly merit there are, all are not worth one
sixteenth part of the release of mind by universal friendliness in shining,
glowing, and beaming radiance. This release of mind by universal friendliness
far excels, and surpasses them all..."
What are the 11 Advantages of cultivating such Universal Friendliness?
The 4 Brahma Viharas; The 4 Divine States: The 4 Infinite States:
"Friends, eleven advantages are to be expected as effects from the release
of mind into friendliness by the practice of goodwill, by cultivating amity,
by making much of it frequently, by making friendliness the vehicle, the tool,
the basis, by insisting on it, by being well established in it as a sublime habit:

What are these eleven advantages ?
One falls asleep well. One wakes up Happy. One dreams no evil dreams.
One is liked, and loved by all human beings.
One is liked, and loved by all non-human beings too.
One is guarded, and protected by the divine devas.
One cannot be harmed by fire, poison, or weapons.
One easily attains the concentration of absorption.
One's appearance becomes serene, calm, and composed.
One dies without confusion, bewilderment, or panic.
One reappears after death on the Brahma level, if one
has penetrated to no higher level in this very life....

When the mind is released into friendliness by the practice of goodwill,
by manifesting friendliness, by cultivating amity, by frequently making much
of it, by making friendliness the vehicle, the tool, the basis, the medium, the
foundation, by persisting in it, by insisting on it, by properly consolidating it,
by thoroughly undertaking it, by making it a familiar supreme habit, by so
being well established in it, these eleven blessings can be expected."
Anguttara Nikāya V 342

There, Oh friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of friendly loving-kindness
pervading first one direction, then a 2nd one, then a 3rd one, then the 4th one,
as below so above, across and all around, everywhere identifying himself with
all sentient beings, he is encompassing the whole world with a mind of friendly
loving-kindness, with a wide mind, vast, refined, unbounded, cleared, exalted,
pure and bright, free from all hate, and free from all ill will ...

There, Oh friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of understanding compassion
pervading first the front, then the right side, then the back, then the left side,
as above so below, across, and all around, all over, far and wide; identifying himself
with all sentient beings, he is perfusing the whole universe with a mind imbued
with pity, with a spacious mind, a refined mind, infinite, purified, all luminous,
freed from all anger, and freed from any trace of enmity ...

Then, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of altruistic, sympathetic, and mutual Joy
pervades the North, then the East, then the South, then the West, as below
so above, across, and all around, universally, infinitely; identifying himself with
all sentient beings, he is suffusing all galaxies with a mind elevated by genuine
mutual, and altruistic sympathetic joy, with an open mind, immeasurable, wide,
limitless, pure and shining, free from all aversion, and free from all bitterness ...

Finally, Oh friends, the Bhikkhu with a mind full of balanced equanimity is finally
pervading first the frontal quadrant, then the right, then the rear, and then the
left quadrant, as below, so above, across, and all around, everywhere associating
himself with all sentient beings, he is permeating the whole world with a mind
satiated with stilled, and balanced equanimity, calmed, with a mountain-like mind,
cultivated, endless, clean, dazzling, freed from any irritation, and resentment."

"So too, Bhikkhus, others may speak to you time
ly or untimely, truly or untruly, 
gently or harshly, beneficially or harmfully, based on kindness, or on bitter hate.
If they abuse you verbally, you should train yourselves in this way:
"Our minds will remain unaffected, we shall speak no angry words, will dwell
friendly and understanding, with thoughts of kindness, and no inward anger.
We shall remain friendly and beam goodwill towards that very person, and we
shall dwell extending it to the entire universe, mentally overflowing, exalted,
measureless and infinite in friendliness, without any trace hostility or ill-will."
That is how you should train yourselves. Even if bandits were savagely to cut
you up, limb by limb, with a two-handled saw, one who harbors hate on that
account, would not be one, who carried out my teaching. Bhikkhus, you should
keep this instruction on this
Simile of the Saw constantly in mind..."
Majjhima Nikāya, Sutta 21

Thus he who both day and night takes delight in harmlessness,
sharing love with all that lives, finds enmity with none...
Samyutta Nikāya. I 208

When one with a mind of love feels compassion for the entire universe
above, below, and across, this mind is unlimited everywhere. Jātaka 37

The Bodhisatta once was born as the righteous King Ekaraja (The unique King).
His kingdom was taken by force. He and his son were buried in a pit to the neck...
King Ekaraja, however neither resisted, nor bore even slight ill will against the
invaders. Later he remembered this as his ultimate perfection of friendliness.
Ekaraja Jātaka 303

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Friendliness Frees :-)

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Updated: 04 March 2017

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