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What are the Fruits of the 5 Mental Abilities?


The Blessed Buddha once said:

Bhikkhus, there are these 5 mental abilities (indriya). What five?


The ability of Faith (saddhā)
The ability of Energy (viriya)
The ability of Awareness (sati)
The ability of Concentration (samādhi)
The ability of Understanding (pañña)


These are the five abilities.
One who has completed and fulfilled these five abilities is an Arahat.
If they are weaker than that, then one is practising for the fruit
of Arahat-ship; if still weaker, one is a non-returner; if still weaker,
then one is practising for the reaching the fruit of non-returning;
if still weaker, one is a once-returner; if still weaker, one is training
for the realization of the fruit of once-return; if still weaker, one
is a stream-enterer; if still weaker, one is striving for stream-entry!
Thus, Bhikkhus, one who activates the 5 abilities fully succeeds fully;
one who activates them partly succeeds partly. Therefore, I tell you:
These five abilities, Bhikkhus, are not barren of resulting fruition...
But, I tell you, that one in whom these five abilities are completely &
totally absent is an outsider, one who remains an ordinary worldling!



On These Five Mental Abilities (indriya) see:


Source of reference (edited extract):

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 202] 48 The Mental Abilities: 18 Training..


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