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How does the Noble 8-fold Way makes one Noble?

Having cultivated the Noble 8-fold Way, a being might enter the stream, which leads
to Nibbāna! The Stream-Enterer (Sotāpanna) is entirely freed from rebirth as Animal,
Hungry Ghost, Angry Demon and the ultimate catastrophic destiny: Burning Hell Being!
Such Noble One (Ariya) will be enlightened within 7 rebirths either as a human or
The Stream-Enterer has eliminated all egoism, belief in a 'person' or 'self', eradicated
all 'I-making' and 'Mine-making', abolished all sceptical doubt in the complete perfect
Self-Enlightenment of the Buddha, and removed silly superstitious belief in any benefit
of empowerments and empty rituals. Such Noble have by direct momentary experience
touched and tasted the deathless Nibbāna and is forever hereafter independent of any

Having cultured the Noble 8-fold Way even further, a being might attain the state of a
Once-Returner (Sakadāgāmi), who is reborn only as a lower god (deva) and then awakens
in the next-next life, when he returns to earth as a human being! Such fine Noble friend
has significantly reduced his sense-desire and aversion... All Bodhisattas are Sakadāgāmis,
when they leave earth for the Tusita divine dimension for the contended life they enjoy,
just before their last human rebirth, and final supreme Enlightenment.

Having further refined the Noble 8-fold Way, a being attain the state of a Non-Returner
(Anāgāmi), who is reborn in the higher fine material worlds The Pure Abodes where they
may live for many aeons and there attain Nibbāna without ever returning to the human,
or lower divine worlds... Such Noble has entirely eliminated all sense-desire and aversion!

Having fully perfected the Noble 8-fold Way one awakens as an Arahat, who is enlightened
in this very life, by elimination of all remaining mental defects such as desire for fine form
and formlessness, the subtle conceit that 'I am', latent tendency to restlessness and all the
remnants of ignorance. Such Noble One enters at the moment of death the ultimate freedom,
the supreme bliss, and the imperturbable peace of Nibbāna without any trace of clinging left...

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