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Any Noble disciples posses an unwavering Faith:

He possesses unwavering faith in the Buddha thus:
The Blessed One is Worthy, and Perfectly Self-Enlightened, completed in knowledge and behaviour,
happily transcended, sublime expert in all dimensions, knower of all worlds, unsurpassable trainer of
those beings who can be tamed, teacher & guide of both gods & men, enlightened, exalted & blessed!

He possesses unwavering faith in the Dhamma thus:
Perfectly formulated by the Blessed One is this Dhamma, obviously seen right here and now,
instantly effective, timeless, inviting all to come and see, investigate, and verify for themselves,
leading through gradual progress to perfected freedom, directly realizable by each intelligence!

He possesses unwavering faith in the Noble Sangha Community of Disciples thus:
Perfectly training is the Blessed One's Order of Noble Disciples, the right way, the good way,
the true way, the direct way. The Blessed One's Sangha of Disciples i.e. the four Noble pairs,
the eight sorts of individuals are therefore worthy of gifts, of hospitality, of self-sacrifice,
worthy of respectful salutation with joined palms, since they are best field for gaining merit!

Unwavering Faith in the 3 Jewels is the Key that opens the doors to Nibbāna

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Full Faith Frees!

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