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How is the Faith leading to the Going Forth?

Having heard the Buddha speak, a householder or a householder's son or one born in another family,
hears that Buddha-Dhamma. On hearing this sublime Dhamma, he acquires faith in the Tathāgata.
Possessing that faith, he considers this: "Household life is crowded, cramped, frustrating and dusty!
The Life gone forth is out in the wide open...  It is not easy, while living in a home, to live this Noble life
utterly perfect and pure, as a polished shell... Suppose I shave off my hair and beard, put on the yellow
robe, and go forth from the home life into homelessness.." On a later occasion, leaving behind any small
or large fortune, leaving behind any small or a large circle of relatives, he shaves off his hair and beard,
puts on the ochre robe, and then goes forth from the home life into the free and open homelessness...
So is the faith of those, who after countless lives finally have accumulated and possesses the right and
ripe conditions for attaining the exceedingly advantageous state of a Bhikkhu under a Buddha!
This is indeed the quickest step towards winning the Bliss of the deathless Nibbāna!

For more Fabulously Fine Faith (Saddhā)  please see:

MN 27: Culahatthipadopama Sutta. The Short Simile on the Elephant's Footprint  

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