Good Action dilutes Evil Kamma »


Prior or later good kamma dilutes evil kamma performed now!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Regarding the effects of actions, Ananda, as to the person here who kills
living beings, who takes what is not given, who misconducts himself in sex,
who speaks false, divisively, who speaks aggressively, who speaks gossip,
who is envious & jealous, who is of ill will, and who holds wrong views, yet
who at the breakup of the body, right after death, reappears in a happy
destination, maybe in the divine dimensions: Either earlier - prior to this -
such one also did some good actions resulting in existence felt as pleasure,
or later after this, such one did quite good actions to be felt as pleasure,
or at the death-moment such one entered and maintained right views!
Caused by that such one is reborn in a happy destination, even in heaven!
But since such one, here & now in the present, has also killed living beings,
taken what was not given, misconducted himself in sensual pleasures, spoken
falsely, spoken divisively, spoken aggressively, & spoken idle & empty gossip,
and since such one has been envious and jealous, been of ill will, and held
wrong views, such one will experience the result of that either here and
now, or in the next rebirth, or in some subsequent even later existence...

Behaviour (kamma=action) is almost always mixed: Some good, some bad!
The later effects are therefore similarly mixed: Sometimes pleasure, and
sometimes pain... Good begets good and dilutes and delays evil, while Evil
begets evil and dilutes and delays the effects of prior good behaviour!

For details on the Mechanics of Kamma = Intentional Action see:

The Moderate speeches of the Buddha: The great speech on Action. MN 136 Full Text:

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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