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Compassion is the Good Core of Buddhism!

The Buddha on Goodness:
Overcome the angry by friendliness,
overcome the wicked by goodness,
overcome the miser by generosity,
overcome the liar by truth...
Dhammapada 223

He who neither punishes, nor makes others punish,
He who neither steals, nor makes others steal,
He who in friendly goodwill shares with all that lives,
such gentle one meets no enmity anywhere...
Itivuttaka 27

Train yourself in doing only what is really good,
since that will last, and brings great happiness!
Cultivate generosity, a simple peaceful living,
and a fine mentality of infinite friendliness...
Itivuttaka 16


More on Friendly Goodwill (Mettā): The sweetest fragrance of all!
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Goodness Galore _/_ :-)

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