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 Which Meditation Objects induce The State of No-Return?

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Bhikkhus, and Friends, from the cultivation and making much of The idea of a Skeleton;               
The idea of a Worm-eaten Corpse; The idea of a Pale Bluish Discoloured Corpse;
The idea of a Cleaved and Cut-up Corpse; The idea of a Bloated and Inflated Corpse;
The thought of Universal Friendliness; The thought of Boundless Pity; The thought of Mutual Joy;
The thought of Imperturbable Equanimity; The training of Aware Breathing-in and Breathing-out;
The notion of Disgust; The inevitable Death; The Dispassion and Dislike with all worldly phenomena;
The fact of inherent Impermanence; The fact of immanent Misery and Pain in all worldly phenomena;
The fact of intrinsic Egolessness; The state of Leaving Behind, of Release, and the state of Ceasing!
One of two effects, one of two fruits may be expected even in this very life: Awakening to Arahatship
or Non-Return... Such training therefore results in a Great Benefit; in a Great Peace from all mental
Bondage, in a Great Thrill, in a Great Pleasure of Living! How, friends, should these ideas be cultivated,
how should these ideas be made much of, so as to reach these 2 fruits?
In this, any Noble Friend trains and cultivates the:
The Awareness     ... of No-Self, (see note # below)
The Investigation ... of No-Self,
The Energy        ... of No-Self,
The Joy       ... of No-Self,
The Tranquillity  ... of No-Self,
The Concentration ... of No-Self,
The Equanimity    ... of No-Self,
All based on seclusion, based on detachment, based on ceasing, ending in total self-surrender...
If these ideas are thus cultivated, thus made much of, thus joined with the 7 links to Awakening,
one may look for one of these two fruits even in this very life: Realization of Disciple-Buddhahood,
or if there are any remaining substrate of clinging left back, in all cases: The state of No-Return!
# Note:
And any of these other classic meditation objects in the list should be substituted here, so that
all these meditation objects are properly joined and fused with the 7 links to Awakening.

The Non-Returner (Anāgāmī)  is a Noble Disciple (
ariya-puggala) on the 3rd stage of holiness:

Samyutta Nikāya V, Maha Vagga: Great Benefits: The state of No-Return! Anāgāmi

The Non-Returner...

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