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  Guarding the 6 Sense Doors brings Control!

The Blessed Buddha once explained mental control like this:
Friends, having seen a form with the eye, one remains neither attracted
towards any nice form, nor repelled by any disgusting form...
Having heard a sound with the ear, one remains neither captivated by any
fine sound, nor repulsed by any horrible sound...
Having smelled a smell with the nose, one remains neither allured by any
pleasant smell, nor rejected by any repulsive smell...
Having tasted a taste with the tongue, one remains neither fascinated by
any delightful taste, nor reversed by any revolting taste...
Having touched a touch with the body, one remains neither tempted by
any delicate touch, nor disgusted by any unpleasant touch...
Having thought an idea with the mind, one remains neither enticed by any
agreeable thought, nor disappointed by any disagreeable thought...
One resides having established constant awareness of the body & within
an infinite mind. Thereby one comes to know directly that release of mind
and that release by understanding, wherein all harmful detrimental states
irreversibly cease without remaining traces left behind...  It is in this very
way, that one lives in full mental control with the 6 sense doors guarded...

Awareness of the body means seeing it as an afflicting skin-bag of bones,
bowels, tendons, excrement and urine, with nine holes oozing with filth...!
Such continuous awareness disables any arising of desire, lust and greed!
Dwelling within an infinite mind means constant attention to the aspects of:
Universal friendliness, endless pity, mutual joy, & imperturbable equanimity.
Such continuous good-will prevents any arising of hate, anger & irritation!
One should dwell like the snake, which sees the mouse hide in ant-hill with
six openings! By lying rolled up on the anthill - constantly watching! - the
snake remains thinking: Out of which hole may this mouse now appear?
Even so one thinks: Through which sense door may the next contact appear?

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 35:132 IV 117-21


Guarding the Senses!

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