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          Happiness of the Flesh, Not of this World and Beyond!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

And what, Bhikkhus, are then this simple happiness of the flesh?
There are these five strings of sense-pleasure. What five?
Visible forms experiencable by the eye ...
Hearable sounds experiencable by the ear ...
Smellable smells experiencable by the nose ...
Tastable tastes experiencable by the tongue ...
Touchable objects experiencable by the body ...
They are all attractive, captivating, desirable, irresistible, lovely, agreeable,
tempting, pleasing, sensually enticing, seductive, alluring, and tantalizing...!
These are the five strings of sense-pleasure. The happiness, that arises from
these  five strings of sense-pleasure: This is simply the happiness of the flesh …

Joys of the Flesh!

And what, Bhikkhus, is then the happiness, that is not of this world?
Having eliminated the 5 mental hindrances, mental defects that obstruct understanding,
quite secluded from sensual desires, protected from any detrimental mental state,
one enters & dwells in the 1st Jhāna; full of Joy & pleasure born of solitude, joined with
directed & sustained thought. Again, friends, with the stilling of directed & sustained thought,
one enters & dwells in the 2nd Jhāna, calmed assurance & unification of mind with Joy &
pleasure, now born of concentration, devoid of any thought!  Again, friends, with the fading
away of joy, the friend dwells in equanimity, aware & clearly comprehending, still feeling
pleasure in the body, one enters upon & remains in the 3rd Jhāna, regarding which the Noble
Ones declare: 'In aware Equanimity one dwells in Happiness!'.
This is the happiness, that is not of this world! A Joy not of the Flesh!

Jhāna: Joy not of this World! Joy not of the Flesh!

What, Bhikkhus, is the happiness beyond that happiness, which is not of this world?
When a bhikkhu, whose mental fermentations are eliminated, reviews his mind s
liberated from lust, freed from hatred, and released from confusion, there arises
a transcendental happiness. This is called happiness quite beyond that happiness,
that is not of this world... Yeah!

More on the folly vanity of desire for simple Sense Pleasure (Hedonism):


Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [235-7]
section 36:11 On Feeling: Vedanā. Joys beyond this world ...

Blissful is being without passions in this world,
Blissful is the overcoming of all sense-desires!
Udana II, 1

Joys beyond the Flesch!

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