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Hatred Hurts all Beings, yet mostly the Hater!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Whoever in revenge repays Hate with Hate,
Is even worse, than he who Hated first!
Whoever to the Hater returns no Hate,
Is winning a difficult mental Battle!
Since he/she is saving both him/her-self
and  the other being too from much pain.
The Hero, when seeing others in anger,
Remains calm & clearly comprehending...
SN 7:2

Danger of Anger:
The Hater does not understand what is good,
Nor does he wish to see any of the real truth,
For cruel gloom and darkness reign supreme,
When fiery Hatred overpowers a man.
Even when the Hater puts the brake,
And with difficulty stop his outburst,
He still suffers from frantic burning within.
Agitated he looks, inflamed & smoking hot!
Later again all-consuming Hate may burst
And set ablaze all beings in fear & alarm.
The Hater knows no shame, no moral fear,
The Hater speaks hurting and impolite,
By being overpowered by his/her own Hate,
H/she nowhere any shelter or calm ever finds.
Oneself is everyone's best friend,
Everyone loves him/her-self most,
Yet in rage one kills oneself by Hate,
Made blind by puffed pride & self-conceit!
Who others deprive of life and joy,
Will to his own good life put a certain end,
Ruining his own future health and life,
With Hatred poisoned and overpowered,
Is all unaware of what atrocity he commits...
Thus, of this crime of Hate there may result
A deadly future real, yet now quite hidden!
Therefore: Break all this Danger of Anger,
hidden within mind, to pieces by self-control,
With insight, with understanding, with effort!
Any intelligent clearly seeing sound man will
naturally try to subdue his own evil tendency,
So should you practise all and advantageous good,
So that no resentment, or bitter anger may ever rearise.
Redeemed from hostile Hate, recovered from acid Anger,
Released from Despair, Rid of Greed, from Envy Freed,
The Tamed Ones having eliminated and discarded Hate,
Reach Nibbana saliently smiling and silenced,
All freed from this vicious wrong.,,
AN 7:60

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The Danger of Anger: Hot Hostile Hate!

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