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The 5 Clusters of Clinging Suffer!

The material body is like the prison, because it is the site of the punishment.
Perception is like the offence, because it via contact causes the punishment.
Feeling is like the punishment one cannot control, as it is caused by contact.
Mental construction is like the punisher, since it via craving causes feeling.
Consciousness is like the villain, because this is what is tormented by feeling.
Vism. Comm: Pm. 504

No "person" suffers! Only these 5 Clusters of Clinging (Khanda) can suffer:
The 5 Clusters of Clinging, The Leash, Fingernail of Soil, Certain_Rightness
~ acquisition Acquisition of Fuel, What are the 5 Clusters of Clinging, Origin
~ as changing, painful & non-self Any Kind, Like_Foam, The_Burning_Five,
~ as ownerless Not Yours, Clustered_Truths, Stilling_of_Clinging, khandha,
~ as categories Things_that_can_be_clung_to, Not_Who_but_What,
~ as suffering Clustered_Truths, Breaking_the_Bonds, Burden_and_Prison

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