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Seeing Disgusting Objects Dispels Greed!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Awareness of the Body induces all advantageous qualities including clear
comprehension! The ancients said: Protect the sign, protect the nimitta...!
The Asubha Nimitta is a Disgusting Sign fixed in memory by meditation,
that one can redirect mind to, whenever overcome by lust, greed and desire.
This sign detaches the mind from clinging to mere forms of foul impurities...
One then gains an 'off' button to turn 'off' desire and craving... This indeed
is the very
KEY to disable suffering, since craving is the primary cause of all
suffering. Corpse Meditation (Asubha-Bhāvanā) effectively reduces desire!

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Clever Disgust cools all obsessive greed and addictive lust:
For Inspiration: A collection of Corpse Pictures Warning: Only for Adults  Password: corpses
Pick out the most disgusting picture and memorize it firmly and vividly.
Remember it whenever greedy! Then the greed will instantly vanish!
And the frustrating urge and tearing longing therefore subsides!

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Disgust Evaporates Greedy Lust!

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