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How to prevent, tranquilize, and cure Enmity?

Ill will is the wishing evil for others: 'May they meet much pain and perish!'
It is a derivative of hate usually provoked by possessive defensiveness...

What to do if such malevolent grudge often recurs?

1: Develop Infinite Friendliness (Metta) by starting daily meditation.
2: Cultivate Endless Pity (Karuna) by regular daily meditation.
3: Increase Universal Equanimity (Upekkha) by daily meditation.
4: Stop all thinking on the disliked object. Attend to a liked object.
5: Know that everyone is then owner of the consequences of
    their actions (Kamma) whether good or bad...

6: Remember the Simile of the Saw... The Blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, even if bandits were to cut you up, savagely, limb by limb,
with a two-handled saw, you should not be angry, but do my bidding:
Remain pervading them with a friendly Awareness imbued with an
all-embracing good-will, kind, rich, expansive, immeasurable & free
from hostility, free from all ill will. Always remembering this very
Simile of the Saw is indeed how you should train yourselves...
Majjhima Nikāya 21

Metta Meditation As streaming audio and mp3 download:

7: All phenomena are only combinations of the Elements of:
Solidity, Fluidity, Heat, Motion, Space and Consciousness...
Then think like this:
"Which of these elements am I angry at and why so?"

Then the evil ill-will may momentarily vanish right on the spot!
Remember and repeat this good-will-cure whenever necessary...

Video on Metta Meditation on Friendliness:
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Podcast on Compassionate Pity (Karunā):

Goodwill releases the all too tight knot of anger:

Friendliness Frees!

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Updated: 30 Dec 2016
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