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Selfless Release Disengages and Detaches!

The Buddha once explained how to enter the stream leading to Nibbāna:
One can cut off the 5 lower fetters and enter the Stream to Nibbāna by
resolving on this with unwavering determination: What is present here now,
what has come into being, all that I relinquish and leave behind here & now!
If it is neither 'Me' nor 'Mine' now, nor will it then ever be 'Me' or 'Mine'
in any future... All this accumulation is not-me, nor what I am, nor my self!
There is no reason to fear a silenced peace, that is not frightening since:
All form is impermanent, painful, selfless, dependent and vanishing.
All feeling is transient, hurting, egoless, conditional and fading away.
All perception is passing, distress, not me, contingent and leaving instantly.
All construction is temporary, tender, not mine, reliant and always lost.
All consciousness is brief, misery, no-self, dependent and evaporating.
So nothing whatsoever is lost at all by leaving behind lust for form, feeling,
perception, construction and consciousness! When this desire, this craving
for these 5 elements, is all eliminated, then there remains neither object,
nor foundation, nor basis for the establishing of any consciousness...!
When that consciousness remains un-established, without any foot-hold,
without any object, disengaged, neither generating, nor proliferating, nor
propagating anything, then it is released, detached by non-construction,
non-display, non-projection, in a non-manifesting all stilled quietness...
Being thus liberated from its usual tasks, then consciousness stabilizes,
and settles. When consciousness becomes steady in this ease of peace,
it also becomes quite content... When content, then it is also unagitated!
Being thus fully imperturbable, one attains Nibbāna  right there and then,
and instantly understands: Rebirth is ended, this Noble Life is completed,
done is what should be done, there is no state beyond this ...!


More on the Noble Stream-Entry:

Source (Edited excerpt):
The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya III 55-58

No Ego = No Problems!

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Updated: 04 Dec 2015
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