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Narcissism versus the Bliss of Impersonality:

The notion of 'I Am' is a false assumption based on a longstanding deception.
The notion of 'Mine' is a false assumption based on a deep, deep craving..
The notion of 'This is My Self' is a false assumption based on wrong view...

The mentally constructed idea of an internally existing, invisible yet stable,
same and independent entity of identity, being in full control and mastering
the individual, is rooted in an inflated false experience of self-importance!
This fabricated 'Ego' assuming an imaginary 'Self' rapidly becomes deeply
and tragically in love with itself... This 'auto-romance', even though merely
a hypothetical ideation, nevertheless, demands to be gratified, praised and
respected without end, and therefore reacts violently toward any external
or internal threats against its postulated unique, yet fictional magnificence!
The root of all EGOISM therefore starts right there when this conceptual
notion of 'I-Me-Mine-Myself-My-Identity-My-Personality' is conjured up..
The effects are well known as being wholly catastrophic both individually,
socially, locally and globally, here and now, later, and in much later lives...
The assumed existence of an Ego is thus the biggest invisible obstruction
and the worst covered calamity for any being in any world, whether divine
or human, whether high or low, whether past, present, or in any far future...
Basically this 'Me'-belief
is based on an assumption that either is the body,
the feelings, the perceptions, the mental constructions, or the consciousness
itself an 'embodiment' of an otherwise invisible and unobservable 'Self'..
This 'representational' ego entity is then exalted to be the center of the
universe... However, this self 'imaging' is merely a manifestation of simple
identification with and clinging to body form, social position, professional
occupation, and so called 'personal' possessions, which all are transient...
Such is a highly treacherous, dangerous, comic and tragic ego-projection..

Always gratifying an 'ego-me-self' that simply does not exist!

The primary self-deception is "I Am..."
Then comes the fermentation "I Am this and/or that..."
Finally is added "I Am better, worse, or equal to this and that!"
Yet this "I", that is assumed to be this or that, does not exist...

Selflessness versus overblown "I-am-Superior" Egoism!

The Blessed Buddha said:
From everywhere, above as below, set free and released, beyond the concept
of 'I am this or that', one has then crossed a river never crossed before...
Thus liberated, one does not renew any cyclic process of being.
Udana – Inspiration: VII - 1

Blissful is solitude for one who is content, learned and who sees the Dhamma.
More blissful is harmlessness towards all beings without any exception.
Even more blissful is freedom from all sensual craving whatsoever...
Yet, the supreme bliss is the elimination of this abysmal conceit “I am”!'
Udana – Inspiration: II – 1

Sabbe Dhamma Anattā -
All states are selfless...

The Ego is alone in an unreal world fractured by hidden false assumptions

The best way to comprehend No-Self (anatta)  is to begin with observing
and reflecting on Impermanence (anicca)  and Suffering (dukkha).
Then eventually one comes to understand: Whatever is always otherwise
and never the same, never identical cannot ever be an identity, any self...
Whatever is always ultimately suffering cannot be under the control of a self,
since if it were, then this self would by this control change it into something
pleasant and happy. But no self can do that, since it is not in full control...
If a self is not in control of even itself (fully autonomic) it cannot be a true self,
but just conditions that plays out their cause and effects...

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Any I-dentification is False...

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