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Ceasing of Kamma comes by Exhaustion of its Effect:

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
I tell you, Bhikkhus and Friends, that it is absolutely impossible, that willed, intended,
performed, and accumulated intentional actions (kamma) will cease to be effective
as long as one has not yet experienced their results, be it in this life, or in the next life,
or in even further future lives! And it is equally impossible, that without having experienced
the results of one's accumulated, intended, and performed past actions, that one will be
able to put an end to Suffering. May this hereby be well known by all beings in Samsara..

Kamma is an accumulated interference with a universal wave-function which determines
the probability of all the various possible future events! Kammic moral efficacy of action
is thus not a metaphysical postulate, but an experimentally verified -yet subtle- and still
not all appreciated quantum-mechanical fact! Intentionally created probabilities are real.

Detrimental Action (Kamma) has painful effects!

Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:208

Advantageous is respecting Monks, Parents, Elders & Teachers...

For details on the mental mechanics of Kamma = Action see:


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