The Short Passages

The Khuddakapatha is a collection of nine short passages that may have been designed as a primer for novice monks and nuns. It includes several essential texts that are still chanted daily by laypeople and monastics around the world of Theravada Buddhism.


Khp 1: Saranagamana — Going for Refuge
[Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Khp 2: Dasa Sikkhapada — The Ten Training Rules
[Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Khp 3: Dvattimsakara — The 32 Parts
[Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Khp 4: Samanera Pañha — The Novice's Questions
[Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Khp 5: Mangala Sutta — Protection
[Narada | Piyadassi | Soni |Thanissaro]
Khp 6: Ratana Sutta — Treasures
[Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
Khp 7: Tirokudda Kanda — Hungry Shades Outside the Walls
Khp 8: Nidhi Kanda — The Reserve Fund
Khp 9: Karaniya Metta Sutta — Good Will
[Amaravati | Buddharakkhita | Ñanamoli | Piyadassi | Thanissaro]
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