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The inevitable fact of life is: All that is born must also face Death:

About this inevitable, momentary all beings hitting Death:

About this equally inevitable, momentary ever recurring Rebirth:

Beyond Coping: The Buddha's Teachings on Aging, Illness, Death, and Separation:

To the Last Breath: Dhamma Talks on Living and Dying:

Buddhist Reflections on Death:

The Blessed Buddha once said:
While alive, then he is untroubled, & when he dies too, then he is not worried!
A recluse who has seen the goal, lives undisturbed even in a sorrowful world...
Ud 46

Wherever he goes, there he is unafraid.. Wherever he sleeps, there he is unalarmed.
The nights and days does neither touch nor burn him. He sees nothing in this world
that is to be kept or lost. Therefore his mind dwells in goodwill and gentle kindness
towards all beings, until he falls asleep.
SN I 110

Here he rejoices. So too after death he rejoices.
The one having done good works rejoices both places!
Remembering, looking back, seeing & thinking:
"Oh I have done good works, well done" he enjoys
the bliss of the happy worlds even more ...
Dhammapada Illustration 18 Background Story 18

Whosoever knows this body
to be as temporary as a bubble,
as insubstantial as the mirror image,
such one will break the flower tipped
arrows of Mara and cannot be seen by
this King of Death ...
Dhammapada 46

Death carries off the man while distracted
by gathering flowers of sensual pleasures,
exactly & even so as a great flood carries
away a sleeping village.
Dhammapada 47
Death sweeps away the man distracted,
not yet had his fill of sensual pleasures,
even as he gathers these flowers.
Dhammapada 48

Neither in the highest heaven, nor in the deepest ocean,
nor in the darkest cave, can anyone escape the overcoming
fact of Death ...!
Dhammapada 128

Whoever never injures, with weapon nor stick, beings
searching for their happiness - when after death -
seeking same happiness, such clever & kind one
always gain it!
Dhammapada 132

Exactly as a cowherd drives the cows forward,
even & exactly so do aging, sickness & death
drive all beings forwards towards the End!

Dhammapada 135

This body is worn out, a fragile form, a nest of
disease, a rotting mass of deception since its life
surely ends in Death ...
Dhammapada 148

It is a bag held up by bones, plastered with flesh,
blood and skin. In it lives aging, sickness, death,
pride & deceit.
Dhammapada 150

As lasting as a bursting bubble;
As illusive as a mirage;
One regarding worldly life quite so is
forever unseen even by the King of Death.
Dhammapada 170

The friend who returns from a long journey
is welcomed back by friends & family.
Even & exactly so when the doer of good at
death passes to the next state, there his merits
receives him, awaits him like friends & family.
Dhammapada 219-20

The homeless sages, always restrained
in both action & body, finally pass to the
deathless state where sorrow is not.
Dhammapada 225

When a man is in love with sons, friends and family, and
other flocks, his mind is passionately absorbed therein.
So distracted the King of Death carry him off
as a raging torrent sweeps away the sleeping village.
Dhammapada 287

Sons, children, family cannot provide any refuge
nor shelter for one the being prone to Death.
[Even though they live it is as if they exist not.
How much less can they provide any protection
nor safety against death ?]
Dhammapada 288

Pleasant are friends when a need arises.
Pleasant is all fun when shared with friends.
Pleasant is the stored merit of good works at the moment of death.
Pleasant is it to leave behind all Suffering.
Pleasant is being a Father.
Pleasant is being a Mother.
Pleasant is being a Bhikkhu.
Pleasant is the state of the accomplished.
Pleasant is a prior righteous life when old.
Pleasant is faith firmly established, unshakable by doubt.
Pleasant is the arising of Insight.
Pleasant is the avoidance of Evil.
Dhammapada 331-33

Flowing freely like greasy glue is the delight of beings.
Humans obsessed with this pleasure, always searching
the satisfaction not lasting, come to birth, decay, aging,
sickness and death ever again & again.
Dhammapada 341

Let the past be past.
Relinquish the future.
Let the present be just as it is.
Having so gone to the far shore of being,
mind is freed from all attachments,
from any substrate of existence &
never returns to birth, aging nor death.
Dhammapada 348

The one who has no longings,
who fully understands,
who is without doubt,
who is established immersed in
the deathless state,
such one I call a Holy One.
Dhammapada 411



Documentary on Near-Death Experiences (NDE):
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On Rebirth from an Early Buddhist Perspective:

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