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Doing Good gets pleasure. Doing evil gets Pain!

Doing evil, bad or wrong actions, returns in resultant pain, while doing good,
right and kind actions echoes back as pleasure. Usually there is a long delay
between action and resultant karmic effect. Though in rare & strong cases
the effect returns immediately. This 'behavioural echo' may be designated:
Instant karma. Some illustrative examples are given below:


Folly parents made him do this.
Cat does not resist since it knows and likes the boy. Therefore it stays dry!
Kamma in action!

This cat also likes the boy,
but teaches him a lesson about not to let own anger drip on others...
Kamma in action!

This foolish woman is using
a far too large gun: A Desert Eagle using .50 Action Express bullets,
which can kill an elephant or rhino in one shot, but has a forceful recoil.
Her intention with the gun is motivated by hate. She experiences that!
Kamma in action!

This cat has killed too many mice,
eaten far too much, got fat, and thus totally misses an otherwise easy jump.
Kamma in action!

This guy was a human thief in his prior life. Note
how he also now approaches slowly, looks around, and retires quickly.
He knows what he is doing from earlier, since seagulls cannot be trained!
Next rebirth destination for him: Stealing insect or lower. Kamma in action!

This boy does good and gets fun!

This boy also does good and also gets fun!

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Instant Karma!

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