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The Intention behind the Action is the actual Kamma!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
All beings are the owners of their actions, inheritor of their deeds! They are literally
created by and born of their behaviour, they are tied to their acts, and these willed
undertakings determines their future destiny... Whatever they do, good as bad, the
delayed results of that action, will be the theirs only...
AN 10:206

Wherever beings spring into existence, there their actions will ripen!  Wherever the
effects of their past actions matures, there, they will earn the fruits of those deeds,
be it in this life, or in the next life, or in any other remote future life.
AN 3:33

It is the intention  behind the action, that defines the kamma!
Having wanted, wished, and willed, one acts by body, speech, and mind.
There are actions (kamma), which later ripen in the hells..
There are actions (kamma), which later ripen as an animal being..
There are actions (kamma) which later ripen as a hungry ghost..
There are actions (kamma), which later ripen as a human being..
There are actions (kamma), which later ripen in the divine states...
The result of actions (vipāka) is of 3 kinds: Ripening here and now in the present life,
in immediate next life, or in future lives.
AN 6:63

Kamma = karma is just the mental cause, and the delayed inevitable effect!

Neither high up in the air, nor in free space, nor deep down in the oceans, nor hidden inside
any distant remote and secret mountain cleft, or cave: Nowhere... is a place, or location
found in any universe, where one can escape the inevitable later results of wrong, bad,
and evil behaviour...
Dhammapada 127

Comments: Cause and Effect. Everything arises from a reason or cause!
Doing Good gets Good!
The result of advantageous action is pleasure
Doing Bad begets Evil! The result of disadvantageous action is pain!
Suffering now is often the delayed result of own past bad behaviour!
Enjoying now is often the delayed result of own past good behaviour!
Not taking responsibility for one's own life is folly ego-victimization;
"The others, or the circumstances did it!" playing the blame game...
Such obviously phony excuses won't make an end of Suffering!

On intentional Action = Kamma and resulting effects (vipāka):

Kamma is the Intention!

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