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Imploding Vacuum Personality Void of any Self!

The Blessed Buddha explained the passing transience of existence as void:

Suppose a man with good sight observed the many bubbles on the Ganges
river as they drifted along, by carefully watching and examining them all.
Then after he had carefully examined them, they would appear to him as
empty, evanescent, and unsubstantial. In exactly the same way does the
Bhikkhu observe all the material phenomena, all feelings, all perceptions,
all mental constructions, and all states of consciousness, whether they be
past, present, or future, far or near. By carefully watching, analysing and
examining them all, they appear to him as empty, void, without any core...
Source (edited extract) SN 22:95


If feeling a bit nausea, or dizziness, or fear, when rigorously attempting
to comprehend egolessness, then one is going in the right direction...
Worth noticing is that one cannot ever loose a self that never was there!
In the first place...

For more on this universality of selfless impersonality (anatta) see:

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