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Which Intentional Actions (=Kamma) influence Beauty?

A student once asked the Buddha:
Master Gotama, what is the cause and condition why some human beings are beautiful,
while other human beings are plain ugly?

The Blessed Buddha then explained:
Here, friend, some man or woman is of an angry and irritable temperament, even when
criticized only a little, such one is very offended, becomes angry, hostile, and resentful,
and retorts with anger, hate and bitterness... Because of intending and performing such action,
at the breakup of the body, right after death, such one is reborn in a state of affliction,
in a miserable destination, in the painful purgatory, or even in the hells...
But if such one at the breakup of the body, right after death, is not reborn in an state of
deprivation, a painful destination, the purgatory, or in the hells, but instead comes back to
the human state, then wherever such one is reborn such one is ugly, unattractive, unsightly
and repulsive #!
These are the actions, friend, leading to future ugliness: One is often angry, and of easily
irritable temperament, even when criticized a little, such one is offended, becomes angry,
hostile, resentful, and retorts with a profusion of overwhelming hate and bitterness!
However, friend, any man or woman, who is neither angry nor irritable even when criticized
a lot, such one is not offended, does neither become angry, nor hostile, nor revengeful,
nor does such fine one display sudden anger, hate, or bitterness, because of intending and
undertaking such good action, at breakup of the body, right after death, such one reappears
in a pleasurable and happy destination, even in the divine dimensions! But if at the breakup
of the body, right after death, such one is not reborn in a happy destination, in the heavenly
worlds, but instead comes back to a human state, then wherever such one reappears, such
one is beautiful, attractive, good-looking, graceful and handsome %!
This is the way, friend, leading to beauty: One is not angry, or of an easily irritable temperament,
even when criticized a lot one is not offended, one does neither become angry, nor hostile,
nor resentful, nor does one display any anger, hatred, or any bitterness...

#: Such one escapes hell, because the evil kamma is modified by past good!
%: Such one miss heaven, because the good kamma is modified by past evil!

For details on the mechanics of Kamma = Intentional Action see:




The Moderate speeches of the Buddha: The short speech on Action. Majjhima Nikāya  135
http://store.pariyatti.org/Middle-Length-Discourses-of-the-Buddha_p_1543.html Full Text:

Which Kamma induces Beauty?

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