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Compassion (karunā) is the Great Good Helper!

Compassionate pity
(karunā) is feeling the pain of other beings, either partially, or completely;

Possible renderings:
Pity not from above: “I am better”, but as if being in the other being's shoes...
Compassion is OK, but that is difficult to reach up to emotionally for many beings...
Fellow feeling, sympathy, empathy, understanding are all OK, but somewhat missing
these essential core points:

A: It is a genuine goodwill that cannot endure all other being's suffering and distress!
B: It is a deep desire to make all others feel free, glad, content, happy and peaceful!
C: It is extended to and pervaded over many if not all universal beings simultaneously...
proximate cause of Karunā = pity is noticing other being's helplessness...
immediate effect of Karunā = pity is evaporation of all evil cruelty!

Guided Meditation on Infinite Compassion

Video on Compassion (Karuna):


Compassionate Pity (Karuna) evaporates all Cruel Violence.

Pity (Karunā ) is one of the four divine and infinite dwellings (Brahmavihāra) :
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Safe_Medicine, Great_Compassion,

The Great Helper

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