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 Feeling induces Latent Tendencies!

The Blessed Buddha once said: Bhikkhus, there are these three feelings:
Which three?

1: Pleasant Feeling,
2: Painful Feeling,
3: Neither-Painful-nor-Pleasant Feeling.

The latent tendency to lust induced by pleasant feeling should be left...
The latent tendency to aversion induced by painful feeling should be left...
The latent tendency to ignorance induced by neither-painful-nor-pleasant
feeling should also be abandoned. When one has abandoned all the latent
to lust rooted in pleasant feeling, all latent tendency to aversion
rooted in painful feeling, and all the latent tendency to ignorance rooted
in neither-painful-nor-pleasant neutral feeling, then he is indeed called a
Bhikkhu freed of latent tendencies, one who sees & understands rightly!
He has thus stilled all craving, thus cut off the mental chains, and by also
breaking completely through the conceit: "I am", he has ended Suffering...
When one experiences pleasure, if one does not understand feeling, then
the tendency to lust is present in anyone not seeing the escape from it.
When one experiences pain, if one does not understand feeling, then the
tendency to aversion is present in any one not seeing the escape from it.
The One of Vast Wisdom has taught that even if one seeks delight in the
peace of neither-painful-nor-pleasant feeling, then one is still not freed
from suffering! But a bhikkhu who is enthusiastic, who does not neglect
clear comprehension, such wise man fully understands feelings entirely.
Having fully understood feelings, he is in this very life freed of all mental
fermentation. Standing in this Dhamma, in this exquisite state, at body's
breakup, such a master cannot be reckoned, assessed or estimated...

Take-Home: Pleasant feeling produces greed! Painful feeling produces hate!
Neither-painful-nor-pleasant neutral feeling causes neglect and will thus
generate ignorance... 

The blessed Buddha Said: Everything converges on Feeling (Vedanā):

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [205-6]
36: feeling. Vedanā. Focused on Pleasure. 3.

Feeling induces Latent Tendencies!

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