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How is the Faith leading to Lay Discipleship?

Having heard the Buddha speak the Lay Disciple exclaims:
Excellent, Lord, excellent! It is as if someone were to set up right what had
been knocked, and turned upside-down, or it is as if someone revealed what
was covered up and hidden, or it is as if someone pointed out the way to one,
who had got lost by going astray, or it is as if someone brought a lamp into a
dark place, so that those with eyes could see the forms there! Exactly so has
the Blessed Buddha explained this true Dhamma in many various clear ways.
Therefore do I, Venerable Sir, hereby take refuge in the Blessed Buddha,
hereby take refuge in the true Dhamma, and hereby take refuge in the
Noble Sangha... May the Blessed Buddha accept and know me as a lay-follower
from this day on, and as long as this life shall last! So is the faith of those who
after countless lives at last have accumulated and now possesses the right ripe

conditions for attaining the advantageous state of a lay disciple of a Buddha...
This is the very first step towards the Bliss of Deathless Nibbāna!


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Source: DN 2 The Fruits of Retreat: Sāmaññaphala Sutta I 85

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