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Doing much Evil & little good creates Mad Demon Rebirth!

Any village-fraud who himself gives but stops others giving is reborn a
kumbhanda, deformed, but doing honour. Whoever pitilessly kills animals,
but gives them to be eaten by others inevitably, after death finds his
various kinds of food as a rakkhasa. Those who are always into perfume
and garlands, are slow to anger & are munificent are reborn after death
as gandhabbas: The divine musicians furthering the delight of the devas.
Whoever is angry, malicious & offers goods out of greed is reborn as a
pisāca goblin, evil-minded, with deformed visage. Those who are always
corrupt, fickle, causing pain to others, but constantly delighting in giving,
become bhūta spirits after death. Those who are horrible, angered, but
generous, and those fond of intoxicating liquors are reborn after death
as yakkha demons feeding on horrible things, fond of liquor. Because of
the fault, which is craving & stingy avarice, after death such beings are
reborn as petas; but they are reborn as yakkhas  & so on because of some
good  deeds, which are later spoiled by many evil deeds.  One should thus
always vigorously & consistently stop all one's own wicked behaviour...

Source (edited extract):
Pañcagatidīpanī  by Ashvaghosa & Saddhammaghosa: 11-12th century AC.
Tr. by Ann A. Hazlewood. Journal of the Pāli Text Society. Vol. XI 1987:


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Mad Demon Rebirth!

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