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The Blessed Buddha once said:

Sabbe sattā, sabbe pānā,

sabbe bhūtā ca kevalā,

sabbe bhadrāni passantu.

Mā kaƱci pāpamāgamā.

May all creatures, all living things,

all beings without any exception,

experience good happiness only!

May they not fall into any harm.

Aguttara Nikāya 4.67


Solitude is happiness for one, who is content,

who has heard the Dhamma and clearly sees.

Non-violence is happiness in this world:

Harmlessness towards all living beings.

Udana 10


The one, who has left violence,
who never harm any being,
whether they are trembling or still,
who never kill, nor causes to kill,
such one, harmless, is a Holy One.
Dhammapada 405

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May all Beings be Happy!

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