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The Buddha's Speech on Friendliness:

What should the clever one advantageously do:
To attain this state called Peace, is this: He should be intelligent, straight, honest,
humble, gentle, and never proud, contented, and easy to support, not busy, careful,
and silenced. In abilities and senses, cautious, and modest. Neither flattering families,
nor be demanding. Not doing even a minor trifle, that other wise men might criticize!

Then he should think:
May all beings be joyous and safe! Let every creature's mind rejoice.
Whatever breathing beings there are, no matter whether feeble or firm,
With none excepted, whether long, tall, big, medium, short, or small;
Whether seen or unseen, visible or not, whether living far away, or near here;
Whether existing, or just about to come into being: Let every living being's mind be
exultantly jubilant! Let no one ever kill, or another being undo, nor ever harm anyone
anywhere at all... Let no one wish even a minor bad for another, neither from provocation,
nor from revenge. Thus, as a mother with her own life might guard her only baby child,
thus should he maintain a mentality of
infinite friendliness :-) for every living being,
in gentle sympathy for this entire universe, unlimited, endless, and vast! As above, so below,
and all around, unimpeded, without any hatred, purged of all enmity! Whether standing,
walking, seated or lying down while slumbering, he should always maintain such
of gentle and benevolent kindness... This very mentality is the Divine Dwelling here, they say!
He that do not traffic with many speculative views, perfected in seeing what is right and wrong,
purged of lust for sense-pleasures, he will surely not come back here to any womb...

Video on Mettā  Meditation on Friendliness:
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Source: Minor Readings and the Illustrator

Friendly is Mettaah :-)

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Updated: 04 May 2017

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