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Universal is Genuine Goodwill for all Beings :-)

The Buddha on the Universality of Friendliness:
Sabbe sattā bhavantu sukhi tatthā.
May all beings become thus Happy!

As I am, so are others... As others are, so am I...
Having thus identified self and others,
Never Harm anyone, nor have any being abused.
Sutta Nipata 3.710

"No I haven't seen the cat either ..."

With good will for the entire cosmos, cultivate a limitless heart and mind:
aming above, below, and all around, unobstructed, without trace of hostility.
Sutta Nipata I, 8

Train yourself in doing good
that lasts and brings happiness.
e generosity, the life of peace,
and a mind of infinite universal love.
Itivuttaka 22

Video on Mettā  Meditation on Universal Friendliness:
How to cure Depression? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz0nE1wRWQY

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May all beings be soo Happy!

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