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Sensing is a Representation and not a Reality!

The need to control and master the senses is obvious, since it is this ability
to sense that enables both all pleasant & painful experiences of this world.
However, paradoxically, it is exactly this spontaneous and quite impulsive
rush after the immediate, but only short-lived satisfaction induced by any 
pleasant sense reaction, that is both the seed and root of much suffering.
This other side of the coin is created by the delayed side-effects:
Thus do the urge after momentary pleasant feeling, create lust and greed.
Thus do the urge away from brief painful feeling, create hate and aversion.
Thus do the urge for absence of neutral feeling, create neglect & ignorance.
These 3 roots of Suffering are always lying hidden and latent within the
untrained mind: Ignorance is obscuring the true nature of things making
them only appear as lasting, agreeable and ownable. Hate induces hostile
aversion and opposition towards even very advantageous phenomena such
as learning, morality, meditation, and friendship just because these may
once have been associated with a  brief unlikable painful feeling!
These instantaneous reactions overwhelm the untrained mind and make it
act contrary to its own and other's interest: It rushes ahead in the hunt
for instant gratification, oblivious of the fact, that the paradoxical fruit
of sense delight is this much delayed, yet inevitable misery, in the form of
infinitely repeated rebirth, ageing, sickness and death!
On a much deeper and more subtle level do the six sense sources create a
misapprehended pointing to an illusory reality, by mistaking a sensation for
a true reference to a world really existing "out there" independent of mind:
'I see the world therefore does it exist!', which is as absurd as postulating:
'I saw the phenomenon on a film therefore is this phenomena real' insofar
as any sensation only is an inner mentally created 'film' or 'representation'
of some form of contact between a 'sensor' (eye, ear, nose, tongue, mind)
and its 'sensitivity' for the object (form, sound, smell, taste, touch, idea).
In a similar way do the 5 clusters of clinging also induce a misunderstood
pointing, by mistaken reference to an assumed & constructed entity 'Ego',
'I' or 'me' "In here", while all there really is, is a five-fold flux of changing
properties, endlessly arising & ceasing right there, where they momentarily
arose! Right there does the untrained mind also create and reinforce the
basic root of this abysmal conceit: "I Am" or "I exist"!

Only the Buddhas explain:

Sabbe Sankhara Anicca!
All constructions are impermanent!

Sabbe Sankhara Dukkha!
All constructions are suffering!

Sabbe Dhamma Anatta!
All states are self and core-less!

The best way to comprehend No-Self (anatta) is to begin with observing
and reflecting on Impermanence (anicca) and Suffering (dukkha).
Then eventually one comes to understand: Whatever is always otherwise
and never the same, never identical cannot ever be an identity, a self...
Whatever is always ultimately suffering cannot be under the control of a self,
since if it were, then this self would by this control change it into something
pleasant and happy. But no self can do that, since it is not in full control.
If a 'self' is not in control of even itself (fully autonomic) it cannot be a true self,
but just conditions that plays out their cause and effects...

More on this deepest self-deception: The conceit that "I Am!" (Asmi-mana):

Do these objects reside outside in the world or inside the mind or both?

Sensations are only Representations!

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