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The Devil meeting the true Saint!

The Buddha once spoke straight to Namucī  also called Māra the Evil One:
Sense pleasure is your first army, discontent your 2nd, while hunger and
thirst is your 3rd army. The 4th is craving, the 5th is lethargy and laziness,
fear is your 6th, doubt is the 7th, hypocrisy and stubbornness is your 8th.
Gain, renown, honour, and whatever
falsely received fame is your 9th army
you Kanha black dark-minded one. One who is not hero cannot conquer that,
but having defeated it, one gains great happiness. Having brought my mind
under full control, well-established in continuous awareness, I will wander
through the kingdoms, training many disciples, who alert and well motivated,
despite your temptations,
will go where having gone, one cannot ever grieve!
Realizing his defe
at Māra , the Evil One, replied: For seven long years I have
followed the Blessed One, step by step, without ever obtaining even a single
opportunity against this perfectly Self-Enlightened One, who is fully aware.
Like a
crow, which circled a yellow stone, which appeared like a lump of fat,
thinking "Perhaps I can find something soft & sweet here", but after having
attacked the rock, without getting anything, went away sadly
even and exactly so
will I have to go away. Discouraged the demon's lute fell
from his armpit and overwhelmed by frustration he disappeared right there..
Sutta-Nipāta verses 436-449 Edited Excerpt.

This highborn hedonistic devil is called Namucī = “no escape”, since he lets
no one escape, and Māra = “death”, since he leads beings into a repeated
cycle of birth and death.... Buddha also rightly called him The Evil One,
since he with ease can enter any being's mind and make them do evil.

More on this poor devil some others call Satan or Māra: What_is_Māra?

Mara Namuci: The Evil One!

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