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When there is No Need for anything at All:

The Buddha said on the need for Bliss:  
Friends, for the virtuous one, correctly behaving, completed in morality, there is no need to wish:
 “May I enjoy a clear conscience”, since the right action, of correct behaviour, completed by purifying morality,
naturally results in the arising of a clear conscience.

Friends, for the moral one of clear conscience, there is no need to wish: “May gladness pervade me”,
since any clear conscience spontaneously is followed by the appearance of
joyous gladness!

Friends, for the glad one there is no need to wish: “May rapture thrill me”,
since gladness automatically excites an exquisitely exalted rapture. 

Friends, for the enraptured one there is no need to wish: “May calm tranquillity still me”,
since rapture inherently simply evaporates any urge of needy frustrated restlessness. 

Friends, for one dwelling in serene tranquillity there is no need to wish: “May happiness perfuse me”,
since abiding calmly in tranquil ease all by itself, makes one delight in silently smiling happiness.

Friends, for one perfused by happiness there is no need to wish: “May I be absorbed in concentration”,
since a mind filled with happiness effortlessly, and smoothly condenses into a single focused unification!

Friends, for one concentrated there is no need to wish: “May I understand reality as it actually develops”,
since the undistracted concentrated mind efficiently penetrates any phenomenon, and causality as it really is.

Friends, for one knowing and seeing reality, there is no need to wish: “May disgusted disillusion detach me”,
since seeing reality and knowing how it always becomes, induces released detachment by disgusted disillusion...

Friends, for one detached by disillusion there is no need to wish: “May I realize final mental relinquishment
through absolute knowledge and vision”, since such disgusted disillusion, friends, naturally, readily, easily,
essentially, and characteristically culminates in the matchless, unsurpassable and supremely releasing liberation
by complete knowledge and vision. Yeah, so mighty is verily this life-blood morality (sīla)! 

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